Who I am

Hello, I'm Véronique Eberhart, Success Coach,  CEO and founder of JoyousLIVING by Véronique


I often joke that I’ve tried to quit singing many times, like one tries to quit smoking … without success. My apparent determination could never fully silence my doubts and doomsayer voices; I was working very hard to hone my craft, but success and money were not up to expectations. A lot of conflicting emotions were fighting for my peace of mind. 

With all that hidden stress running through my system, there is no wonder I could not achieve my dearest goals … But in truth, it took me until I tackled my personal transformation to understand my inner struggle, how it affected my outer reality, and change it.

Singing has been my passion for as long as I can remember. As a French born, classically trained singer, voice teacher and choir conductor, I have been singing in France, Germany, Canada and the US for over two decades. Because of our family's priorities, which involved several international moves, I quickly learned to reorganize my musical activities–voice studio, choir conducting and performing–wherever we lived. Those choices were not conducive to fulfill my dream of "making it big on the stage", but I learned since then that I made those choices for a reason.

Like many artists, I came on and off being a full time artist and working "real jobs", you know, the 9 to 5 ones. I became quite skilled at "making money on demand". Sometimes it involved music, sometimes not, but I never stopped performing, and being an artist in the first place.

Often after a recital, a show, or a church appearance, people would tell me: "Wow, Véronique, that was amazing! Why aren’t you on the big stages?" This well-meaning and honest question has churned my inside for years. Yes, indeed … why wasn't I? 

That question has led me into a new awareness. The power of our mind on our body and on our life increasingly fascinated me, and I started reading everything I found on the subject. I became passionate with mind body techniques and added them readily to my vocal practice: various breathing techniques, meditation, yoga, mindfulness and my personal favorite, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). 

I gradually learned to quiet my mind and muster the courage to face and transform my emotions. As my mindset changed, so did my life. I could finally be fulfilled, enjoy my talent and my achievements, and even create more of what I wanted.


After my family's last big move, I felt that it was time to put my many years of striving and experience to good use.

I took my passion for natural health and well-being to a whole new level, and graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. There I learned innovative coaching methods, practical lifestyle management techniques, and over a hundred dietary theories, cleanses and everything one needs for an optimal holistic health. Even more important, the program continuously stressed that how we eat, how we play, how we work, how we move, how we think, how we express ourselves and how we love are at the foundation of real health and happiness.


But to answer the "Why" questions, I needed to go back to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

I followed a lot of world-class EFT practitioners, took a few classes, and then chose to enroll into Margaret M. Lynch coaching training, Tapping Into Wealth. I loved that its focus was to identify and repair our relationship to money and wealth. Indeed, undoubtedly, money is THE pain point for the community of artistic and creative people. A painfully strained relationship to money could be, believe it or not, what is holding you back when it comes to making money with what you love.

Drawing on my extensive experience and expertise, I now show people on the creative and spiritual path, like you, how to create the life that you want. I will show you how to down-regulate the stress response to painful emotions and unresolved emotional events that have held you back in your wealth, in your health, and in your life. I will personally and carefully guide you to make the changes that will transform your life. This is my promise to you.

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