Workshops and Talks

Are you looking for as out of the box, informative and fun talk or workshop? Here is a list of topics to choose from. Each one comes with it's own clarification process.

The presentations are interactive, engaging and fun. The audience will have a lot of ha ha moments, and clarity in the subject matter. They will also be given some clear steps to a solution. 

Goal trauma/belief trauma :

Studies after studies suggest that setting goals is the number one tool to a successful life. This process is about finding out why people resist setting goals and shed light on the negative takeaways in refusing to think big, take chances, put heart in it and go for it.

Setting outrageous goals :

When goals come with all the certainty of 100% success, chances are it's not a goal but a task. In this workshop, people are lead through a process that showcase their hidden beliefs about what they really feel is possible to achieve and how hard it might be to get there. I also teach a way out of any limiting beliefs people may have.

Standing out and your inner critic :

Have you ever wished you could step up and stand out on stage, in the work place, or even in a family setting-but never dared? The process here is about the downside of standing out, the fear of being seen and the shame/fear connection.

The earliest money paradigm and the generational wealth programming :

Like father like son... how much of it is true when dealing with money? This process is about uncovering the loyalty & rebellion towards one's upbringing in the area of money, and mapping the nervous system wiring around wealth.

Stress and emotional health :

Stress is our body's way of responding to any kind of demand. Negative stress can be caused by bad experiences, real or perceived danger, traumas. Most of the time, it is driven by our thoughts. When under stress, the body reacts by releasing chemicals into the blood, which is translated into our awareness by our emotions: fear, anger, embarrassment, etc.

During this workshop, we will look at the mind-body connection, the role of the emotions in regulating the stress response, and how to effectively reduce stress.

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Les conférences et ateliers peuvent également être donnés en français.



Dr. Aurelie Petitclerc DC, CACCP

I attended a workshop presented by Véronique for our team building.

We are a chiropractic clinic and we are very blessed with our environment. But challenges don't spare us: dealing with patient's stress as well as our personal stress can be overwhelming at times.

Véronique’s teaching is extremely clear and enlightening. She is a great speaker and teacher. She is also very attentive to questions. Everybody felt at ease to speak up about personal concerns.

Véronique first talked about our experiences of stress and presented EFT (emotional freedom technique), which can be a good way to help our subconscious mind cope with stressful situations.

The second part was about money, how we perceive it, and our mental barriers about it. I realized that my relation to money was not as simple as I thought!

We went through practical exercises supervised by Véronique to challenge our way of thinking. I learned a lot about myself!

I really enjoyed Véronique's workshop and I have now new tools to work on a subconscious level.

Thank you so much!