Coaching Packages

When deciding to work with a coach, we make the decision to change our life, or at least an aspect of our life that we can’t live with anymore.

There are many packages, courses, and sessions I can offer you. But the only way you will know if working with me will be beneficial to you is to have a conversation. Schedule your free Clarity Session today. Whatever happens after it, you will be glad to have had this talk. I promise.

Here is a rough outline of the work I’m offering:

  • Detect any blocks, negative patterns, or fears you may have – some you might not even be aware of. They will be turned around so you can have confidence, positive beliefs, and joy in your work and in your life.
  • Change your negative and hurtful emotional responses to people, events or tasks – present or past. They will be turned around so you can look forward to a brighter futur.
  • Transform your relationship with money and success so you can have more of it in y0ur life.
  • Implement positive career and success-oriented tools – some that you already know but don’t use, and some that I will teach you, step by step. And yes, that also means self-promotion and marketing … 

Enjoy my incredible 30-day money back guarantee on coaching packages. I call it my "show up and participate 100 percent or get your money back guarantee" because I know that if you do the work, you will see results ...

 So, schedule your no obligation "Creative & Lucrative Career" clarity session now. Here is what this session will do for you:

  • You will get really clear on your goals both short term and long term
  • I will diagnose the biggest obstacles that are stopping you
  • I will tell you exactly what you should focus on to move forward
  • I'll give you my best recommendation for strategy and the next step you should take
  • I'll give you my honest evaluation on what is possible for you and how far you can go based on your skills and goal
  • This amazing session will be recorded so that you have the ah ah moments, clarity and strategy right there at your fingertip. I guarantee you will want to listen again.
  • This session is worth $179. Whatever you decide, it is yours for free.


Sign up for your one hour no obligation "Creative & Lucrative" clarity session.


Héloise Blain

Thank you so much Véronique for this insight. Great body-mind practice that include rational mind with financial vision & reality: really very helpful to make dreams come true.