Coaching sessions

When deciding to work with a coach, you make the decision to change your life, or at least an aspect of your life that you can’t live with anymore.

If you scroll down my programs, you'll see a sample of the packages, courses, and sessions I offer. But the only way you will know if working with me will be beneficial to you is to have a conversation with me so Schedule your Complimentary Clarity Conversation today.

Here is a rough outline of the work I’m offering :

  • Detect any blocks, negative patterns, or fears you may have – some you might not even be aware of. They will be turned around so you can have confidence, positive beliefs, and joy in your work and in your life.

  • Change your negative and hurtful emotional responses to people, events or tasks – present or past. They will be turned around so you can look forward to a brighter futur.

  • Transform your relationship with money and success so you can have more of it in your life.

  • Implement positive career and success-oriented tools – some that you already know but don’t use, and some that I will teach you, step by step. And yes, that also means self-promotion and marketing … 


One-on-one coaching Packages :

The Mind-Body-Money Connection Package
Liberate Yourself from Hidden Money Blocks & Transform Your Wealth Picture

The "Ignite your life!" Package
Unleash the Power of Your Lower Chakrase


 Workshops :

♦ “Find your voice and speak with confidence” workshops
Overcome your fear of public speaking and communicate authentically

Speaking is your number one strategy to increase your net worth. 

Whether it's selling, asking for a raise, networking, teaching, or presenting in any capacity, you want to speak and communicate convincingly.

In this workshop, you will learn how to overcome the fears, the memory of past embarrassing speaking moments, and the disempowering beliefs that prevent you from being your best public speaker.

You will learn that you can grow your confidence and your attractiveness, and exactly how to do it.

You will be empowered to speak from your true self, and you will learn to deliver your message with authenticity.

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Corporate coaching sessions : 

Available in "Lunch & Learn" format or "2 to 3 hours" format 

  • Workshop 1: Managing Stress in the Workplace
  • Workshop 2: Meditation, Mindfulness, and Awareness in the Workplace
  • Workshop 3: Procrastination Recovery Workshop
  • Workshop 4: The Art of Goal Setting
  • Workshop 5: Money Mindset in Sales, Finances, and Business
  • Workshop 6: Find your Voice and Speak With Confidence


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Complimentary Clarity 

Here is what this conversation will do for you :

  • You will get really clear on your goals both short term and long term
  • I will diagnose the biggest obstacles that are stopping you
  • I will tell you exactly what you should focus on to move forward
  • I'll give you my best recommendation for strategy and the next step you should take
  • I'll give you my honest evaluation on what is possible for you and how far you can go based on your skills and goals.

So... schedule your Complimentary Clarity Session right now!