Workshop and Corporate Coaching

The workshops are designed to be interactive, engaging and fun. They bring clarity and new perspectives to the participants.
They promote team building through shared activities and experiences.



Workshop 1: Managing Stress in the Workplace

Breaking news: Stress does NOT make us smarter!

Contrary to what we would love to believe, studies have shown that people perform more poorly, and make worse choices when under stress. So much for the myth of the under-constant-stress businessman who has everything under control!

In fact, most managers and people in leadership/executive roles could use a few simple but profoundly effective tools to keep stress under control in the workplace and away from work.

This workshop gives an overview of stress, identifies individual  stress factors (personal and organizational), provides actual demonstration and practice of relaxation exercises and mindfulness practices, exercise and coping strategies, proper diet and nutrition, and time management.


Workshop 2: Meditation, Mindfulness, and Awareness in the Workplace

A. Einstein famously said: “Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.” In tumultuous and uncertain times, when stakes are high and decision-making is at its most challenging, the difference between making the right decision and repeating mistakes is an unclouded mind. A mind that is not weighed down by past mistakes, traumatic experiences, and unhelpful thought patterns will take better decisions, solve problems creatively, and dramatically change reality.Shift into the 21st century paradigm and give your decision makers the gift of Meditation, Mindfulness, and Awareness through this life-changing workshop.


Workshop 3: Procrastination Recovery Workshop

There's more to procrastination than meets the eye. It actually has a lot to do with self-esteem and self-worth and a lot less to do with laziness or idleness.

During this workshop we examine the 4 reasons why people become chronic procrastinators, and the 4 best strategies to overcome procrastination. Participants are learning easy to use and efficient mind body tools that will ensure that those strategies actually deliver results.


Workshop 4: The Art of Goal Setting 

Studies after studies suggest that setting goals is the number one tool for success. This workshop aims at finding out why participants resist setting goals, thinking big, taking chances, putting heart in a goal and going for it. We will then go through the process of setting goals and resetting the mindset that will ensure success.


Workshop 5: Money Mindset in Sales, Finances, and Business 

Is your money mindset affecting your business?

If I told you that you are carrying hidden programming that are specifically impacting your business financial growth, your sales, your company growth … literally setting the amount of money you make, the prices you set, the clients you meet, and the actions you take – or don’t take – in your day to day tasks ... would you want to uncover it? Would you want to discover this hidden programming? 

During our time together, participants are going to experience a deep dive into their own money consciousness and discover their next step towards a more empowered money mindset.


Workshop 6: Find your Voice and Speak With Confidence

Do you have beliefs around speaking in public, selling, or being heard that are preventing you from speaking efficiently? Do you think this could be impacting your bottom line, your objectives or your company's expansion?

In this workshop, you will learn how to overcome the fears, the past events, and the disempowering beliefs that prevent you from being your best public speaker.You will learn that you can grow your confidence and your attractiveness, and exactly how to do it. You will be empowered to speak from your true self, and you will learn to deliver your message with authenticity. 

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Les conférences et ateliers peuvent également être donnés en français.


Dr. Aurelie Petitclerc DC, CACCP

I attended a workshop presented by Véronique for our team building.

We are a chiropractic clinic and we are very blessed with our environment. But challenges don't spare us: dealing with patient's stress as well as our personal stress can be overwhelming at times.

Véronique’s teaching is extremely clear and enlightening. She is a great speaker and teacher. She is also very attentive to questions. Everybody felt at ease to speak up about personal concerns.

Véronique first talked about our experiences of stress and presented EFT (emotional freedom technique), which can be a good way to help our subconscious mind cope with stressful situations.

The second part was about money, how we perceive it, and our mental barriers about it. I realized that my relation to money was not as simple as I thought!

We went through practical exercises supervised by Véronique to challenge our way of thinking. I learned a lot about myself!

I really enjoyed Véronique's workshop and I have now new tools to work on a subconscious level.

Thank you so much!