Get Rid of your COVID 19 Stress!

Get Rid of Your COVID 19 Stress!

Are you overwhelmed by the current situation ?

Are you scared for your health? Your loved ones' health?
Are you freaking out to see your portfolio melting? To lose your job? To lose clients? About the economy?
Are you affected by all the suffering you see day-in and day-out? 
Is meeting friends online simply not good enough for you?
Are you overwhelmed by a twilight zone feeling when you drive through empty streets, shop in empty stores, face empty shelves? 

You are not alone!

To help us all navigate these next few weeks gracefully, I'm offering a FREE ONLINE EFT/Tapping Group Coaching. We are all in it together!

Yes! I want to be Stress Free!

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These are times of big uncertainty. As humans, we are wired to react to uncertainty with overwhelm, fear, and worries. 
This creates a lot of stress.
Stress keeps us in reaction mode - in fight, flight or freeze - when we should be looking for the best ideas, the best responses, and the best solutions to help us through this unprecedented situation.
Lowering the stress allows us to respond in the best possible way to any stressful situation.
Fortunately, Emotional Freedom Techniques (aka EFT, aka Tapping) is extremely efficient at lowering the stress response. It's also one of the easiest methods to learn to use, it's free and readily available when you need it.
If you find yourself spinning out of control, join this FREE ONLINE EFT/Tapping Group Coaching. 
WHEN: Thursdays 3:00-4:00 pm CDT
You can come as often or as little as you want.
You will learn to use EFT/Tapping, and you will experience its godsend stress lowering effect right away.
By signing up, you will only receive informations relevant to this free online EFT/Tapping Coaching Group. We're in for the long haul, and we'll need all the help we can get to stay out of stress.
Let's get out of reacting to whatever is thrown at our face RIGHT NOW, and instead, let's find an adequate and creative response to this stressful situation. 

Yes! I want to lower my stress and find relief.

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No spam. Only relevant offers.