One-on-one Coaching Packages

♦ The Mind-Body-Money Connection Package

Liberate Yourself from Hidden Money Blocks & Transform Your Wealth Picture

If I told you that you are carrying hidden programming that are specifically blocking your money and your wealth… literally setting the amount of money, the amount of debts you have in your life, would you want to uncover it?
Would you want to see what's in there? Would you want me to prove to you that you are carrying these hidden programming?  Yes ? Then discover...

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♦ The "Ignite your life!" Package

Unleash the Power of Your Lower Chakras

Do you find yourself in state of panic, you feel sick in your stomach, you question everything – even your own life?
Do yo
u feel paralyzed, stuck, incapable to get into action, even if you know very well what you should be doing?

Those, and many more, are all symptoms of unbalanced lower chakras.

Your chakras are your energetic centers. You might be familiar with the "third eye", or the "crown chakra" - they are your highest chakras. They represent intuition and your relationship to the divine, or your highest consciousness. But did you know that your chakras build on each other, starting with the Root/Body chakra?

Safety, physical presence, energy, excitement, enthusiasm, manifesting your dreams, inspired action, unstoppable determination... it all comes from a strong and balanced foundation grounded in your lower body - exactly where your lower chakras dwell. 

Quite simply, to find your power, you must balance your lower energetic centers.

And this is what we do in this powerful and life changing program.

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