Happy New Year, Dear Veronique!

Last year, at pretty much the same time, I asked you if you wanted to join the 8% club ... of those who actually achieved their new year's resolutions. So did you join?

I also told you how research has shown that setting goals and commitments is good for you. (You can read about that HERE.)

And yet, do you think I made a commitment, or a resolution? Nope! So this year, I want to make a public commitment to you, dear Veronique (they say it helps), and it is to send you a MONTHLY newsletter ... please, feel free to remind me when you haven't received it let's say by the 15th of the month (oh my, now I'm triggered!).

First of all, I want to better contribute to your personal transformation by sharing more ideas and tips. Second, I don't want to send you newsletters that are endlessly long just because I have so much to share, all of a sudden! So I count on you to keep ME accountable ... deal? 

So now, let's talk about your commitment for 2018. What do you want to achieve? Do you want to quit smoking? Pay your debts? Have more joy and peace in your life? Find your ideal partner? Move your business forward? Have more money, and even time to enjoy it? Don't worry, we'll address those topics this year.

But if getting healthy and losing weight is your resolution, please keep reading. My friend Oralia and I got you covered ... 

 Welcome to our 2nd edition of 
Get Healthy, Lose Weight!

Starting January 22nd and for 6 weeks, Oralia Acosta, health coach, will lead you through an anti-inflammatory-real-food-based diet that will propel you toward your best health. She will also help you choose the best practices around food and eating habits.

So, you may think, what's left for you to do, Véronique?

Well, as a personal development coach, during those 6 weeks, I will show you how to literally deprogram your cravings and your emotional eating. We will also tackle issues like sabotage, body image and goal traumas (you know, when you've been trying so hard and failed so often that you don't believe you can do it anymore!). This experience will spill over in all areas of your life, and I guarantee that you will finish this program being the best version of yourself.

Read HERE about Brenda's awesome experience with Get Healthy, Lose Weight!


Nice gloves right? But you would not use them on yourself ... or would you? I hope not! Yet, we often think that, by being mean to ourselves, we will get what we want. We also think that the harder or the longer we beat ourselves up, the more definitely we will get results! We think that we can shame and punish our bodies into doing what we want. Yet ... that's not the way things work at all!  

We have created a three-part short video series on how to effectively lose weight and keep it off! 

Access my first video 

In the first video you will learn about the NUMBER 1 MISTAKE we make when we try to lose weight. You will be guided through an exercise that will offer you some amazing insights so you can choose what works for you and your body! Could it get any better than that?

So if you are interested in improving your health, losing weight, and ending the weight loss conundrum for good, then check out THIS video.

In the second video, we will discuss the difference between feeding your body and fueling it. It can mean the difference between clear thinking and foggy brain, and a body that is quick to respond to your needs — or one that weighs you down and stops you from doing what you want! Once you know what your body is telling you, you can make better choices! I love having choices, don't you?

In the third video, you will get clear on whether you sabotage your efforts to get healthy and lose weight, and you will learn how to continue in your journey to your best health.

All three videos are short, concise, and shock-full of information! 

Get your first video here


Do you want to:

Stop emotional eating?
Regain energy?
Stop yo-yo dieting?
Have clarity and focus?
Move with ease?
Brighten your mood?
Control what you eat?
Balance your blood sugar?
Release weight naturally?
Solve the weight loss conundrum?

“Get Healthy, Lose Weight” is designed for you! Let's have a talk ...

You have 3 options:

1) Join us for a free introductory talk on Tuesday, January 16th @ 6 pm at West University Wellness Center, 5180 Buffalo Speedway, Houston TX 

2) Join us for a 'Get Healthy, Lose Weight' breakfast on Saturday, January 20th @ 7:30 am at West University Wellness Center, 5180 Buffalo Speedway, Houston TX 

On the menu: Keto Burritos, bullet proof coffee and more!
Fees: $25 -Register HERE for the breakfast.

During those interactive talks, you will gain unique insights on:

    • The practical and emotional aspects of losing weight,
    • Fueling vs. feeding your body,
    • Emotional eating and cravings.
    3) Schedule an awesome online FREE Clarity Session HERE.


    In case you missed my grand debuts as a Featured Radio Guest, HERE is the replay. The topic of this show is ... Stress around food, the difficulty of eating healthy and what to do about it (I guess it's the topic of the moment!).


    If you are in Houston and want to experience Emotional Freedom Techniques first hand, I've got you covered again!

    Tapping Into Wellness is meeting most Tuesdays at 6:00pm at West University Wellness Center, 5180 Buffalo Speedway, Houston TX. We address topics like stress and feeling overwhelmed, beliefs around money, fear and guilt around food, cravings, setting goals, procrastination etc.

    Registration and information is HERE.


    Well, that was a lot of information! I'll talk to you next month! 

    Get Healthy, Lose Weight info-page: http://www.joyousliving.me/get-healthy-lose-weight.html

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    Veronique Eberhart
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