"Do less achieve more.

Do nothing achieve everything"     

– Tao Te Ching  

Are you thinking: “What the heck are you telling me, Véronique!?” 

Yes, I know. If you would simply do nothing, nothing would be done – duh! I’m a mother, so, yes, I know the feeling!

But what do we do in our daily lives that is, in fact, mere busy-work? Things like cleaning, organizing, scrolling, etc. They give us a sense of being productive; they are familiar and inconsequential. They are well within our comfort zone and distract us from reaching higher and striving for personal growth.

How many of these things can you simply delete or delegate? How much more time to do important things could you gain?


The second dimension to "Do nothing, achieve everything" is in our minds.

Imagine you're explaining your project to your best friend. No problem, right?

Now, imagine you are presenting the same project at a board meeting. Chances are you are nervous, anxious, and scrambling for your words.

So how can you make your presentation at work to be as painless as explaining your project to your friend? By going to your natural state of mind and being. In short, by doing nothing!

On the contrary, it might require you to unlearn behaviors that take you out of your natural state so that you are able to do nothing when you are in the spotlight. Professional musicians and athletes call this "being in the flow."


The third dimension to "Do nothing, achieve everything" is in your soul.

What if you don't need to do anything, but rather let things be done through you? What would it take to get there? 

Wayne Dyer used to say "Let go and let God." His words are a reminder to stay open to what is happening in the present moment and to surrender to the will of a higher power.


...We will leave it at that for now. These ideas might be difficult to grasp, and we will discuss them in greater depth in the future. Nevertheless, let us know what you think!

With Joy and Gratitude
Your JoyousLiving team,
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