...High five! You made it to the end of 2020! 

2020 has definitely been a challenging year, but it would be a mistake to simply forget about it.

You and I experienced loss, frustration, and anxiety. But we also learned a lot – we grew, we changed. And I believe that we changed for the better, both individually and collectively.

So, let's gather all the bits of wisdom we can from 2020 before we head into the new year.

To help you out, here are 2 easy tools:

First, my version of YOUR YEAR IN RETROSPECT:

Open your calendar and take a piece of paper, your journal, or open a document on your computer.

For each month, answer these questions: 

  1. What happened this month? 
  2. How did it affect me?  How much of it was for the better?
  3. Where did I struggle? What was I challenged by? 
  4. Which obstacles did I overcome? 
  5. What did I achieve? 
  6. What did I learn about myself and the world? 

Don't worry if you don't remember much from a certain month. In that case, just keep moving.

Now, look over the year. What does it tell you? Do you notice recurring themes throughout the months?

Which of these themes are you ready to leave behind?

Which themes do you wish to carry with you into 2021? Areas to continue succeeding in, or to focus on growing in?

And now CELEBRATE! Share with your closest friends, family, social community what you've learned, succeeded at, or struggled through... Or go on my FB group and share with us!

Second, my friend Dr. Cindy Childress sent me her own version of her YEAR IN RETROSPECT:

I love it because, as the amazing professional ghostwriter that she is, she gives you prompts that help you write. 

With her permission, grab the free writing prompts, and answer all of them or just the ones that fit what you want to write about. 

It's a Google Doc, so you're not opting into anything (this really is a no-strings-attached gift!) But you'll want to save this Google Doc as a new copy so you can edit it, or download the file as a Word Doc before you begin.

Enjoy your writing! Celebrate your achievements! 

With Joy and Gratitude
Your JoyousLiving team,

Veronique Eberhart
JoyousLiving, LLC