Dear Veronique

As expected, the summer has been extremely busy for me, with many hours traveling, lots of different places to go, family to visit, and people to get acquainted or reacquainted with. What I didn't expect was that I would have as much of a personal inside journey as a physical journey. 

Being a transformational coach entails that I ‘do the work’ first. For that reason, I am part of a yearlong mastermind group, where I receive weekly group or individual coaching (sometimes multiple coaching times!), and participate in regular retreats and workshops.

So, my ‘vacation’ started with a weeklong retreat and workshops with my mentor Margaret Lynch in early June. During this certification mastery event, we dived deep into our energetic centers, also called chakras, and learned to remove blocks that keep them closed, weak, or unbalanced. This was a mind-blowing week, which keeps yielding fruits in my personal transformation journey. The most amazing result is a deep sense of inner peace and a much stronger ability to feel my emotions, connect to the world, and love unconditionally.

Retreat with Margaret M. Lynch


Coming back to Houston a few days before Harvey was another piece of rock-n’-roll journey! Thanks to all of you, my friends, who expressed concerns, thoughts, and prayers. Even though we haven’t been flooded ourselves, we were deeply connected with the desolation surrounding us.

Amazingly, the outpouring of love and help that washed over Houston made it useless for many of us to volunteer our time at the moment of crisis. When I visited one shelter, I was told that ‘even medical doctors’ were not needed anymore! This was great news! So I decided to volunteer my time and abilities after the event, when another kind of help would become critically necessary, emotional support.

With the encouragement of many of my Houstonians friends, I opened 2 Emotional Support groups, one in French (online) and one in English (at the West University Wellness Center). Those groups are still on until the end of October. They are incredibly powerful and freeing for everyone attending. I, for myself, feel incredibly humbled and elated by the depth of trust, love, and compassion that I’m receiving and channeling during these sessions.

After those sessions, people have repeatedly been telling me that they were able to sleep through the night for the first time since the hurricane hit, that they are calmer, that they feel so much better, have a brighter outlook on life and have a lot less anxiety … and this is often after a single session! Seeing over and over again what my coaching can do encourages me to share my gift everyday in a bolder way.



So, because tragedies of all kinds seem to never give us a break, I decided to create an ongoing free Emotional Support Group. 

As of Tuesday, October 31st, meet me online on Tuesdays, at 9 am Central Time (10 am ET, 4:00 pm Paris time) on my Fb group: for a 30 minutes session. Bring your sorrows, your frustrations or your concerns, and we'll work on it together.

ARTICLE: What the heck is coaching?

What would you do if you had more money? What would you achieve if you had 50% more confidence? How would you feel if you could finally stop striving and actually arrive somewhere? How would you feel if you could lose those unwanted pounds, get your blood sugar under control and become healthy? What about sleeping better or feeling calmer and more fulfilled?

All of it, and much more, is achievable for anybody. But sadly, most of us spend years, sometimes decades trying to figure out how on our own. Most of us are stuck, frustrated, or meander furiously in an endless rat race, feeling at war with ourselves and even sometimes with God himself.

If I would tell you that there is a much faster way to get from where you are to where you want to be, would you want to know about it?

It is being coached.

But what the heck is coaching?

Coaching is the latest thing to do, it seems. Life coaching, Fitness coaching, business coaching, health coaching, couple, parenting, transformational, financial coaching … there is really coaching for everything and for everybody!

I fall in the category of ‘life and transformational coach’. I show people who are on the creative or spiritual path and struggle to get ahead in life how to blast their blocks and tap into their full potential to live an amazing and rewarding life.

Coaches like me don’t come up with one-fits-all solutions. We actually don’t come up with solutions at all. We come with questions. And a certain way to listen…

So, first of all, you can expect some deep and non-judgmental listening from a coach. Some people might feel really heard for the first time in their lives, without having to meet someone else’s expectations, or feeling dismissed or embarrassed. Nothing is off limits. You can share everything with your coach.

The second aspect includes strategies and tactics of what I call the "internal work:" Identifying and updating the core beliefs and habits currently creating your life experiences. This alone is life changing.
I lead my clients into a deep inner voyage to remove blocks, long held stories, and beliefs about themselves that don’t serve them anymore. I get them to discover the best version of themselves.

The third aspect is what makes this newfound clarity sustainable while creating ever-growing levels of attractiveness. This would be attracting everything and anyone you want to have the life of your dreams. You are the greatest expert on your own life. As a coach, I will help you to get in touch with that expert, your own inner coach. That part of you knows exactly what you want and gives you clues every day about what to do next.

We will work with your vision of what you want your work and your life to look like. And we will use those clues to take actions that lead to extraordinary results.
From clarity comes inspired and focused action, which is the truest and most joyful roadmap to success – whatever success means for you.

So, quite simply, working with a coach can help you go from stuck to moving and thriving. This is exactly what happened to Wendy.


Wendy's story

I worked with Wendy to support her in establishing her health coaching business. She wanted to help others to progress towards their goals, hopes and dreams. Yet, as we kept progressing, we would regularly get stuck because of her fragrance sensitivity: She could not give public talks, meet clients in person, or go to networking events; even going to church had become off limits. What she already knew about health was making a bit of a difference, but did not yield the dramatic results she wanted. Here is what she had to say:

“Veronique, after working with you, I have a broader understanding and appreciation of my emotional makeup... meaning I have entertained ideas I had not previously considered. One such idea is that the fragrance sensitivity has more of an emotional root rather than being purely biological. I am using EFT almost daily and often multiple times daily, and I can see dramatic results! The fragrance sensitivity has decreased and the migraines I have suffered with for 35 years are coming under control. I actually gave a public talk this week!

I feel as though I have my life back.

You also gave me a tool I can use to fulfill a lifelong desire ... to help others navigate away from chronic fight or flight mode after traumatic experiences, and to find peace and joy again. It is a tool I can use to help others progress towards their goals, hopes and dreams, as I experienced during our time. Working with you has dramatically changed my life! Thank you.”

Comments like that give me goose bumps! I love to see my clients gain confidence, taking bold steps, becoming motivated, joyous, and energized. They believe they deserve more money and quality time—and they get them both. 

Thinking about how much the work I do has touched Wendy, and how much it can touch so many more people and transform their lives is a profound source of joy and gratitude for me.


So is coaching something for you?

Maybe… or maybe not. The only way to know it is to have a Clarity Session with me. As the name implies, during this session, you will get clear on your goals, what is preventing you to get there and what your options are. 

If you want to experience a deep transformation and tangible result like Wendy and many other people, Click here to schedule your free Clarity Session, and start your new life today!


I'm really excited to share with you an interview of my mentor Margaret M. Lynch. You'll find a lot of cool information about EFT, and the very special way I work with it...


Free group sessions for Victims of Harvey.

I’m very excited to share my expertise as an Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner to help people lighten the load of their emotional traumas after such a traumatic event. The group format allows for sharing and receiving comfort from all group members. We also take time to deprogram the multifaceted traumas that trigger stress, fears, anger, frustration, and sadness…

I lead one group in French, online, on Tuesdays, 12 pm to 1pm, until October 24, and one group in English, at the West University Wellness Center, on Wednesdays, 1 pm to 2 pm (5180 Buffalo Speedway, Houston TX).

Information and registration for both groups at

30 days of Nutrilicious Foods

If you're ready to lose weight, get into your best shape and kick your sugar habit, I've got you covered!

I'm partnering with Oralia Acosta, from Nutrilicious by Oralia to bring to you a weight loss program taylor made to yield inevitable success and lasting changes for you.

It is the 30 days of Nutrilicious Foods. This program is based on the Whole 30 combined with the power of Emotional Freedom Technique for weight loss.

This program will give you top-of-the-line coaching to lose weight and empower you. It offers the best information available (we've done the research for you!), a totally new mind set, tools that will keep you focused and excited about your weight loss until you reach your goal, peer and personalized support and assistance.

The program is online, starting October 30th. Look for details soon!




Veronique Eberhart
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