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June 15, 2018

This interview with Amy Robison, on Thrive Radio, is about journeying... no doubt it was inspired by the travel season! But the travel we talk about are the physical, emotional and spiritual life travels which have been an essential part of my life, and I'm sure of yours as well.

In this interview I get more personal than in any of the other interviews. 


May 18, 2018

In this interview we deal with emotional eating from the perspective of the chakra system. We explore how the lower chakras can diagnose and give a roadmap to emotional eating, and how healing energetic imbalance at the chakras level can support the healing of eating disorders. 


March 16, 2018

This month's interview is inspired by Harvey's emotional toll on the population. We dig into traumas and PTSD. What is trauma, Acute Stress Response, or PTSD? and why do some people develop symptoms when others don't? Thanks to a growing interest in Energy Psychology and an increasing amount of evidence of its efficacy, we can now significantly and permanently reverse the effect of traumas on people's life.


April 20, 2018

What the heck is the chakra system? Come with me on the exploration of your wonderful own energetic powerhouse.



February 16, 18

The love of money is the root of all evil... or is it?

In this interview, we dive deep into how you feel about YOUR money, and what is your family paradigm around money. We touch upon church and money, and you even get some confession about my money journey. Curious? 


January 19, 2018 : Setting goals and goal traumas

Here is an interview on setting goals with Amy Robison. We went through a lot of different aspects of setting goals and why we mostly don't do it; we dived into goal traumas and we talked about the importance of believing in your goals and dreams - not only with your conscious mind, but with every fiber of your nervous system as well. Check out this powerful show!


December 17, 2017: Emotional eating is being discussed on Thrive radio.